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Member Community

Our members are innovating new ways to educate by enhancing options in our community marketplace, and in return receive royalties when other members use their tools. You can own tools too.

Designer Community

We are always expanding our crowdsourced community of specially trained learning experience designers to provide the very best ideas and instructional innovation to our members.

Advisor Community

Our team of industry advisors contribute to the betterment of Volute’s learning experience platform and business model and help guide and support strategic initiatives for professional development.

“Volute has been instrumental for the Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance in designing highly impactful programs that transcend the face to face experience and takes program participants through a much wider and relevant learning journey that fully integrates with our blended approach.

Additionally, since we have a complete view of the participants actions, we can obtain all the necessary data to analyze how the program design, the methodology and the topics chosen correlate with learners mastering and applying new knowledge and competencies in the workplace.”

VanDyck Silveira, PhD
CEO, Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

Chief Learning Officer

Jeff Lagomarsino

An education thought leader with a successful record of working with leading academics on new digital learning strategies.

As a former director of executive programs at Columbia Business School, I led the development of technology-enabled learning solutions for marquee global clients. I enjoy the challenge of taking forward-thinking solutions to market.

Learning Analyst

Trudy Mandeville

Experienced learning services executive with a passion for creative technology supported instructional design that delivers personalized, adaptable learning opportunities.

With over 25 years in the industry, successfully designed, developed and delivered technology supported solutions across the Fortune 500, healthcare, financial, technology and higher education sectors. Have a track record for meeting deadlines, maintaining quality and managing cost while producing measurable results.

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