Our Products


A lightweight, yet robust platform that employs
learning-by-doing with your own marketplace of tools that flip episodic training to experiential learning.


A plug-in to your existing platform that employs learning-by-doing with your own marketplace of tools
to enhance training with applied learning projects.

Volute Lite

Our platform is robust, yet void of feature bloat. Empower and excite learners with interactive online tools to provide active and experiential programs and projects. Our patented technology imitates real world skills combined with peer feedback, reflection and virtual facilitation.


Built-In Design Thinking

Design thinking with immersive drag & drop tools.

Learn by Doing

Passive bystanders become active participants.

Flip Traditional Learning

Didactic training turns experiential and continuous.

Volute Plugin

Our plug-in expands your current learning technology offerings with access to our ever-growing marketplace of experiential tools, contributed by thought leaders worldwide. Design experiential projects with drag and drop ease, conveniently within your existing platform.

Extend Your Product & Service Value

Offer unique, interactive learning tools from your own platform.

Seamlessly Integrate Experiential Learning

Assign experiential projects to programs and courses.

Enhance Programs with Collaborative Projects

Incorporate active and applied learning.


Your Ideas. Your Tools. You're Empowered.

Tools are co-developed with thought leaders and institutions worldwide and shared to our community marketplace for the benefit of all members.

  • Marketplace Manage your own private marketplace.
  • Activity Designer Design engaging learning activities.
  • Navigator Your personal GPS for your learning journey.
  • Assessments Qualtrics® surveys, assessments, polls.
  • Reader Provide readings for a learning objective.
  • Bio Present background, skills and contact information.
  • Social Hub Centralize notifications and communication.
  • Discussion Cultivate community with meaningful discussions.
  • Notes Capture, organize and share notes.
  • Tasks Track important milestones.
  • File Share Store and share files.
  • Portfolio Capture and share achievements.
  • Photoshare Capture experiences with photos.
  • Passport Manage logistics in a new way.
  • Video Bring learning content to life.
  • Calendar Track learning events.
  • Slides Present information in a visual, linear way.
  • Announcements Raise awareness to important messages.
  • Analytics Know how your participants are learning.
  • Groups Inspire social engagement with groups.
  • Peer Review Gamify and incentivize peer reviews.
  • Network Analyze your professional network.
  • User Manager Manage users, roles and access.
  • Directory Introduce relevant support staff.
  • Rich Text Design custom content.
  • CoPilot Your personal instructional designer.
  • Portal Integrate applications or websites.
  • Journey Designer Design an engaging learning experience.
  • Itinerary Schedule events, tasks and travel.
  • Profiles Know who’s on your learning journey.

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