Expanding business schools to lifelong learning subscription hubs for the workforce.

Business schools are coming together to form the world’s largest lifelong learning hub that supports the workforce live, on the job, while turning episodic learners into lifelong subscribers.

Untapped Potential

Business schools have access to hundreds of thousands of subscribers – we unlock them.

Thousands of Alumni

Hundreds of corporate clients

Hundreds of thousands of employees

We extend the value of what you already have

Binge-Worthy Learning Series

Volute keeps your learners coming back between and beyond programs, continuing the conversation with livestreamed learning Series hosted by faculty and industry leaders.

Watch Parties

Watch Parties are interactive events for members to engage in thoughtful conversation with faculty and industry leaders to apply their learning on the job.

After Parties

After Parties are social learning spaces that keep the conversation going between Watch Parties and include fireside audio and video, peer learning, coaching, and curated content.