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Plug in a wide variety of engaging learning solutions by industry leaders, or create your own.

Solutions You Choose

Select from an ever-growing ecosystem of unique learning solutions, published by industry leaders.

Plug Us In

Bolt-on unique point solutions to boost your traditional platforms, or access a private, branded portal.

Content is not the key issue, consuming it is. Increase engagement and outcomes with interactive, gamified learning solutions you actually want to use. Combine, mix and match and plug them into your existing LMS, or use them in your own private, branded portal, across all devices.

SOCIAL & m-Learning

Connect learning & discovery moments anywhere, with anyone, from any device.


Self-paced or facilitated practice, interactions, and assessments via virtual learning workspaces.

EVENT Management

Manage remote learning events and group logistics
in real time.

COACHING & Facilitation

Coach participants in live virtual sessions with
diverse, interactive tools.

RESEARCH Communities

Create research communities to collaborate & share research in real-time.

One Ecosystem, Many Options

Within the same learning experience, you can access Volute
via your existing LMS, and standalone from any desktop or mobile device.

Plug Us In

Access Volute via your existing L&D platforms with LTI, and your preferred communication channels using new “bot” technology.

Private Portal

Access Volute via your desktop, tablet or smartphone – no herding apps, Volute is a patented technology, seamless across all devices.

Pricing Model


  •       A Growing Suite of Tools
  •       Drag & Drop Design
  •       Interactive & Engaging Tools
  •       Ultimate Customization Options
  •       Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Ready
  •       Standalone or Plug Us In
  •       Learning Design Support
  •       Rapid Design, Edits & Publishing
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What They’re Saying

We were looking for a very specific type of interaction with our [learners]. ...It became very attractive to organize our entire [course] around the Volute framework.

Rodrigo Canales
Organizational Behavior
Yale School of Management

Measuring the impact of active learning remains an aspiration for many. Volute brings a beautiful, experiential UI/UX and the technology to deepen our analysis.

Claire Masson
Learning Innovation & Impact
Financial Times | IE Business School
Corporate Learning Alliance

We've struggled with platforms and tools with standalone functions, when ideally, we needed an ecosystem of options that connect and enhance each other.

Lara Heberlein
Design & Learning Innovations
UCLA Anderson School of Management
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