A Bold Mission to Empower the Workforce

Volute is a lifelong learning community and social ecosystem that is changing the way business schools deliver and support learning to professionals on the job. With business school clients in Egypt, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, Volute is advancing learning across the globe, and, in the process, reshaping how business schools impact the workforce.

Practice What Is Preached

Episodic, one-size-fits-most programs can no longer match the rapid pace of change and innovation, or the nuances of organizational culture and individual learning styles. By the time employees complete a program and are back on the job, the industry has shifted.

Forward-looking business schools are partnering with Volute to embed their non-degree, executive, and professional development programs within ongoing, lifelong learning member subscriptions with on-the-job support.

We Prefer the Path Less Traveled

Volute is led by its founder, Michael Croft, who formed the company in 2015 with the ambitious goal of creating the world’s most effective, on-demand professional support network driven by a hub of interconnected business schools.

Volute is a people-first technology firm that extends reach and access to the right people, in the right situation, at the right time. We believe that every worker becomes more productive when they have a support system aligned to their responsibilities and aspirations.

A Fusion of People and Technology


Volute is people, first and foremost. Through digital means, we enable human mediation when, where, and with whom it’s needed.


Volute is smart technology. We use AI and ML to uncover fruitful relationships that would otherwise be missed.


Volute is value. We bridge academia and industry in a way that provides tangible, repeatable and positive outcomes.

Meet Michael

“We’re making personalized lifelong learning at scale a reality to positively impact the workforce and its emerging needs. A new subscription business model both improves the lifestyles of individual employees and reduces the financial strain and resources on business schools.”

- Michael Croft
Founder and CEO, Volute

Meet Melanie

Our technology is sophisticated, but we’re still a company of people here to support you every step of the way. Meet Melanie. She’s not a stock photo of an actor pretending to be a call center rep, she’s our Engagement Director and is loved by all who work with her. She’s attentive and empathetic and ensures you always have a dedicated Volute member by your side as you pioneer moving an industry forward.