The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) is working with Volute to design a digital learning community to further distinguish the World Executive MBA (WEMBA) program for executives seeking to advance their careers.

Volute is introducing a new sharing economy to higher education and GWSB is partnering to enhance its WEMBA offerings. Volute is a marketplace of digital learning tools, called Volute Apps, that are productized methods, exercises and ideas of education thought-leaders from around the world.

WEMBA prepares business leaders with the knowledge, skills, resources, and networks to innovate and meet the challenges in this era of rapid, technology-driven global change. WEMBA will further support these initiatives by using tools from the Volute Marketplace to create a student and alumni community that enhances learning and social capital.

“Our vision is to personalize every aspect of the WEMBA experience for students, while also fostering a vibrant WEMBA community to engage alumni through evergreen access to shared resources, knowledge and information. Volute is making this happen,” says Thomas Larson, WEMBA Associate Director.

WEMBA students benefit from on-demand access to program logistics, personalized learning content, and collaboration tools. Alumni will have tools to share opportunities, access and contribute to WEMBA news and educational resources, and interact with other alumni and students. GWSB faculty can transform and scale the impact of their research and educational IP with Volute Apps for learning and workplace applications.

“GWSB and the WEMBA program allow us extend the Volute Marketplace offerings to support essential lifelong learning and social networks. The thought leadership of GWSB faculty and staff and the diverse features of WEMBA provide an ideal opportunity to demonstrate how Volute is transforming education,” says Jeffrey Lagomarsino, Chief Marketing Officer of Volute and a GW alumnus.

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