Netflix Analogies for Corporate Learning - is it all just VUDU?

A lot is circulating around new corporate learning platform interfaces with ratings and graphics organized in a new, but familiar format that emulates the modern marketplace. This is all good, but what’s under the hood?

Curation must go deeper than new designs for organizing content. What about curating engagement, interaction and comprehension? Taking the Netflix analogy further, let’s curate movies beyond tracking what I’ve watched by genre; e.g. let’s curate diverse viewing options (VR, 3D, 4D), let me swap movie endings and beginnings and adjust the storyline. Let me annotate the movie with peers in real-time and give me access to the director when I have questions about the plot.

Now we’re getting to the core of a new learning consumption model that corporate learning and development is missing. There’s a lot of focus on curating content, but content types and delivery hasn’t evolved much in twenty years. So, this is where Volute has put its efforts. Volute creates new content consumption methods with a self-sustaining educational ecosystem that evolves through innovation of its members. To advance corporate learning and development requires a global and interdisciplinary mindset. This is accelerated through contributions from thought leaders worldwide. Content itself must evolve and as it does, a new definition of curation emerges and new curation methods are invented. Learning tools and their “engagement interoperability” are the transformations needed in corporate learning.

Volute curates engagement, interaction and comprehension by rethinking content type and delivery. If traditional content is a movie, then Volute content is the camera, actors, sets and the script, all of which you can direct, or “compose”, how you choose and you can even hire a director.

As customized learning demands grow, so do scalability issues, which are solved only with composable digital tools. With a universal network of tools for digital learning, curation becomes about the delivery and interaction with these tools and new insights gathered. Data collected is more granular and precise in terms of how the user is consuming this new content.

Enter the LOR – Learning Object Repository, and the LRS – Learning Record Store. The LOR is the raw content management system. It stores content in standardized formats for interoperability with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and for discoverability of content across LORs. The LRS is a learning analytics repository. As content evolves to be more interactive and experiential, these systems too must evolve. Volute is developing its own LOR to manage new content types within our ecosystem and we’re integrating with new learning analytics partners to better track engagement, interaction and comprehension which is now possible using digital tools.

Volute embraces the modern marketplace and in fact, our entire platform is built on a marketplace model of composable tools co-created with thought leaders worldwide. It's what's in the marketplace that matters most.

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