Pricing to Win-Win with Revenue Share

Imagine tens or hundreds of thousands of community members engaged in lifelong learning with new subscription revenues for your business school, with minimal out-of-pocket investment.

New Value for Your Clients and Revenues for Your School

Volute provides a new value stream and revenue model for your business school. We have the formula to build your lifelong learning community that comes with recurring subscriptions. Our revenue share model fosters us to prosper together, thus increasing mutual success.

Personalize Learning at scale with Bulk Employee Subscriptions

Through Volute, you will benefit from economies of scale with continuous learning Series that thousands of employees subscribe to. In addition, you'll increase new program buys due to a larger, more active community while positively impacting your client's workforce and bottom line.

An Illustrative Revenue Share Example

Once your business school starts generating subscription revenues, Volute earns a pre-negotiated revenue share percentage that is mutually beneficial. With an illustrative projection of 35,000 members paying $749/year, you'll generate over $25 million in gross recurring revenue, which doesn't displace existing revenue streams, in fact, it bolsters them. If you were to add up all your alumni and total target employees across your client organizations, you'll probably find this projection to be conservative.

Volute is defining a new market category and approach to personalized workforce development at scale, which is long overdue, and a substantial new value add to your existing offerings.