A Peer Community in Your Pocket, a Live Coach On the Job, and Binge-Worthy Lifelong Learning Series.

Treat your executive education and professional development learners, as well as alumni to a social, lifelong-learning platform that keeps them active between programs by engaging with microlearning media, industry experts, live coaching, and each other – all available on-the-job and by subscription.

Binge-Worthy Subscription Learning Series

In true “Netflix” fashion, Volute extends your programs with a learning Series to keep members engaged after a program ends. Each Series includes topic-related microlearning content, livestream events by faculty and industry leaders, on-the-job coaching, and access to peers. Members subscribe to the kinds of learning Series they care about, staying in-the-know with a trusted partner throughout their career – your business school!

Forge Real Experiences in virtual “Learning Lounges”

Series are made of virtual Learning Lounges, which are social online spaces that provide a variety of microlearning experiences. Series are fully customizable, but we make it easy to get started with these 3 engaging Lounges:

A Lifetime Community in Your Members’ Pockets

Volute is a social learning platform that works with you to build a community from your executive education and professional development participants, corporate partner employees, and alumni. These learners become inclusive members of your Volute Community, where they interact with a variety of ongoing learning Series and organically grow your member base organically by sharing their favorite Series and with their network.